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2015 Meeting Dares and Programmes

Future dates & venues for CBS branch meetings were agreed as follows:

Any branch member is welcome to attend branch meetings by
giving notice of their attendance.

22nd Jan 2015 – 6pm – abp Chartered Architects, Bromley

26th Mar 2015 – 6pm – Flora Associates, Croydon

28th May 2015 – 6pm – Howard Fairbairn MHK, Croydon

23rd Jul 2015 – 6pm – abp Chartered Architects, Bromley

17th Sep 2015 – 6pm – Flora Associates, Croydon

12th Nov 2015 – 5pm – AGM at Crown & Pepper, Croydon. It was agreed
that the AGM could be coordinated with the Christmas Social


abp Chartered Architects, St Luke’s Church Hall, Raglan Road, Bromley BR2 9NN
email b@abpriba.co.uk tel: 020 8289 0800

Howard Fairbairn MHK, 439 London Road, Croydon, Surrey CR0 3PF
email alan.longhurst@hfmhk.com tel: 020 8665 5252

Flora Associates, 43 Tamworth Road, Croydon, Surrey CR0 1XU
email atflora@aol.com tel: 020 8686 6663

CPD events:

It was agreed that all future branch CPD events will occur at “Crown
& Pepper”, 1st floor meeting rooms.


1. RIBA School Awards

The Branch missed out on nominating for the student Awards last year, as had some of
the other Branches. It was agreed that the CBS Branch will try to avoid this for the
coming year. St. Martins School is the allocated school. Tarsem stated that the award
process normally coincides with the end of year show. Tarsem agreed to be on the
awarding committee with Stefan Black for the coming year. It was discussed that
different members that take an active role in the Branch can be considered for
undertaking this award process in the future years.

2. Christmas social event

The Christmas event to include for partners and spouses will take place at 6.30pm on
Thursday 11th December 2014 at the Crown & Pepper, Croydon. It will be a wine with
buffet event, with a small contribution to be paid. Bernard and Harshad will discuss this
event, and send out an invitation in shortly.
3. Other events already programmed for are:

a. “Design for flooding” by Tarsem, 6.30pm Thursday 27th November
2014 at “Crown & Pepper”.

b. “CDM new opportunities” by James Mather, 6.30pm Thursday 15th
January 2015 at “Crown & Pepper”.

4. Other possible events to be programmed for:

Bernard stated that he has received the following proposals for future events from the
members. It was agreed to provisionally allow for these events, subject to confirmation:

a. “Collateral warranties” possibly 6.30pm Thursday 19th February 2015 at
“Crown & Pepper”. To be discussed with Silke Johen of Bell Associates

b. “Asbestos Awareness” further information required of the event for further
consideration by the committee. To be discussed with Silke Johen of Bell

c. “China presentation” by Peter Goldsmith possibly 6.30pm Thursday
19th March 2015 at “Crown & Pepper”. To be discussed with Peter Goldsmith
of Haskoll China.

d. Jim Groux mentioned that he could look at getting a “Passive House” event
presented by Architype

e. It was also mentioned that that visit to BRE passive houses in Watford could be
organised for May 2015 sometime. Tarsem & Jim agreed to look at this.

5. CBS Architectural Awards:

Paul mentioned that there are a lot of tasks to be done prior to starting the
“award” process, and they will be looking for volunteers to help. Jim Groux offered to

A further “award” committee meeting will be organised to further the process
and report back to the Branch.


2014 Programme

8th May

The next event / meeting date is on 8th May 2014 at PA Architect’s office.

Croydon Bromley & Sutton branch is holding a free CPD event on recent and forthcoming changes to the Building Regulations, including Part L. To be presented by Geoff Wilkinson, Approved Inspector and Managing Director of Wilkinson Construction Consultants, who also writes the monthly building regs column in the Architects Journal. Will be held on the 8th May at 6.30pm at PA Architects office, Lynton House, 303 Bensham Lane,Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 7EQ

Please RSVP ASAP to l.mawson@yahoo.co.uk

Summer Social – BBQ

Harshad Patel offered to hold a Summer Social at his house with partners and children event at his house. This was gratefully accepted by the committee.

Annual Branch Architectural Award

An exciting development to improve building design and promote architecture in Croydon, Bromley and Sutton. The final format is yet to be agreed. This will be a yearly award. It will engage the public, the Boroughs, the local branch architectural members, the local newspapers and media in the process.

A shortlist of buildings completed in the last year from Croydon, Bromley and Sutton will be put up for exhibition. Selection of a winner and  the runners up will be made. Final decision and format is pending.

Future Talks

Several topics are to be considered for future talks:

1. Plan of Work

2. How to get work Survival of small practices

3. Fees and fee calculation

Future Programme:

Bernard still hopes to visit the local members directly, in
order to get a better understanding of membership requirements. Harshad & Jim agreed to
help with visiting members. The following events were discussed:
.1 “Summer Branch Social” This was a successful event. Members had
turned up that had not been before. Harshad was also encouraged by the positive responses
that were provided by members that stated that they could not attend.

.2 “Party walls for architects” Bernard to do this next week, will send out
the invitations, following Harry Rich’s presentation.

.3 “Project management” Jim to do this presentation. Jim to send
details (via email) to committee, for issue to membership. Date of event is confirmed at
6.30pm Thursday 23rd October 2014 at “Crown & Pepper”.

.4 “Design for flooding” Tarsem to provide a CPD presentation on
this issue. Tarsem to send details (via email) to committee, for issue to membership. Date
of event was agreed at 6.30pm Thursday 27th November 2014 at “Crown & Pepper”.

.5 “CDM new opportunities” Jim stated he has contacted James Mather,
who has confirmed that he is happy to provide a CPD presentation to discuss ‘other
opportunities for architects’. Whilst this may include CDM it will also identify the PM course
offered by James ( which Jim did ). This is the RIBA Certificate in Construction PM and
updates on other issues. Date and time of event still to be agreed, in the New Year.

.6 “Christmas drinks & meal” Committee agreed to have a Christmas RIBA
branch event, starting at the “Crown & Pepper”, then going onto a restaurant. Committee to
agree further details at next meeting. Date of event was agreed at 6.30pm Thursday 11th
December 2014 starting at “Crown & Pepper”. Reminder email to be sent nearer the time.

9. Branch Ideas for the Future:

.1 “Architectural Festival” Committee discussed the possibility of
providing a RIBA independent exhibition for local branch member architects. This could be
combined with a Local Award Scheme. RIBA funding could be applied for. Bob, Tarsem &
Paul agreed to look at this long term initiative.

.2 “Fun day out” Jim to research the possibility of a visit to a “zero
carbon” school project (Crouch Hill), with architect of project to talk, combined with a pub
lunch. Date, time & costs to be advised.

.3 “Workshop event” Committee discussed the possibility of a “share and
learn” workshop event to cover practice issues. E.g how other practices work, plan of work
etc. Committee to look at this next time as a future event. Harshad suggested that we
contact the members to discover what sort of topics that this could cover.

.4 “Building visits” It was agreed that the membership could also be
asked on the buildings that they would want to visit, for the committee to try and make the
appropriate arrangements. Committee to discuss, as future event for next year.

Suggestions are welcome on future programmes and CPD.

Please make your suggestion using the contact form below.

RIBA Croydon Bromley & Sutton Branch

RIBA Croydon Bromley & Sutton Branch