Minutes of Branch Committee Meeting 6pm, 8th January 2014

A Branch of RIBA London

Croydon, Bromley & Sutton




Lawrence Mawson

5 Warwick Road

Thornton Heath


T: 020-8684 4705

E: l.mawson@yahoo.co.uk



Registered Charity Number 210 566

VAT Registration Number 232 351 891


Minutes of Branch Committee Meeting 6pm, 8th January 2014 at Howard Fairbairn MHK office.


1. Present.

Tarsem Flora

Alan Longhurst

Bernard Humphrey Gaskin

Lawrence Mawson

Jim Groux

Bob MacCann

2. Apologies for absence.

Harshad Patel


3 Minutes of last meeting

These were presented for comment. A couple of corrections were required for presentation to the next AGM for approval.

4. Matters arising from minutes.

The suggestion that Harry Rich be invited to attend a Branch meeting had not been followed through and it was agreed that he should be invited with his partner to the January Social

5. Chairman’s questionnaire.

The Chairman’s proposed questionnaire had been circulated for comment. It was suggested that if the first question was changed to be applicable to the branch rather than the RIBA in general it could be sent to all branch members.

6. Social evening on 23rd January.

The secretary reported that the room at the Crown and Pepper had been booked and that the details of the catering will be finalised when we know how many would be attending. To date only 10 people had said they would be attending but this number increased 18 at the meeting from committee members deciding to attend. It was agreed that this was a sufficient number to proceed with but that we ought to give the members a further invite in case they had missed the first one.

7. Bank Mandate

There had been a problem with one of the signatures on the form requesting a new mandate. A new form had been completed and this would be submitted to the bank.

8 Branch website.

The secretary reported on Paul Ugwu’s interest in creating a website for the branch. This was agreed in principle but requires some further consideration as to what it can contain. Some member’s would like it to contain a list of local practises. The Chair will ask the RIBA what are the requirements of the RIBA in creating a branch website.

9. Future programme.

It was agreed that the next meeting on the 13th March should form a debate on BIM. The secretary would try to find suitable speakers to lead the discussion.

10. AOB

No other business

11. Date of next meeting

13th March 2014

Flora Associates 43 Tamworth Road Croydon CR0 1XU T: 020 8686 6663 F: 020 8686 8807 E: tvflora@gmail.com

Please note that that the next meeting venue has changed and will now be held at The Crown & Pepper, 242 High Street Croydon CR)1NF