Annual General Meeting – & – Branch Officer Elections

RIBA Croydon, Bromley & Sutton Branch

Annual General Meeting – & – Branch Officer Elections

Notes of meeting held at 6.00pm on 13th November 2014

at Flora Associates Office

1.00 Present.

Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin Jim Groux Tarsem Flora

Brian Gatenby Keith Barbour Stefan Black

Lawrence Mawson Rob Rimell Paul Ugwu

Apologies for absence.

Alan Longhurst Daniel Golberg Robert McCann

Harshad Patel

2.00 Notes of last AGM meeting: 11th November 2013

These were presented for comment. No corrections or comments were made.

3.00 Chair’s Report:

It was noted that the Branch is becoming more active with greater attendances at the events.

During the last year the following successful CPD events were held:

13th March – A debate/discussion on BIM led by Ben Wallbank an Architect
and BIM specialist.

8th May – Building Regulations including Part L by Geoff Wilkinson, Approved

10th September – RIBA Chief Exec branch visit – Harry Rich

18th September – Party Wall Legislation for architects by B Humphrey-Gaskin
experienced party wall surveyor

23rd October – Project Management and the role architects should be playing, by Jim
Groux, experienced PM

We also had two social events:

23rd January – Buffet meal at the Crown & Pepper

16th August – Summer Garden Party

We also had a change of branch secretary, from Lawrence Mawson to Paul Ugwu.
4.00 Secretary’s Report:

Region has been made aware of Paul’s nomination, in order that they can provide the list of
branch members for circulation purposes.

Paul wanted to report on the CBS Architectural Award scheme later in the meeting.

5.00 Treasurer’s Report:

Harshad was not present due to illness.

It was noted that Alan Longhurst is still getting bank statements. Harshad is still working on this
matter to get the bank directing the information to him.

Bernard advised the Branch that Region requires last year’s accounts before applications for LIF
funding can be applied for. It was unclear if the accounts have already been sent by Alan
Longhurst previously. Tarsem agreed to look into what accounts have been sent and coordinate
this with Harshad.

6.00 Branch Officer elections:

Nominations for the various posts were made at the meeting and following were elected for the
following year. Proposed by Rob Rimell, Seconded by Stefan Black. All agreed:

Chairperson: Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin

Hon. Treasurer: Harshad Patel

Hon. Secretary: Paul Ugwu

Vice Chair: James Groux

London Region Council Member: Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin

Committee Members: Tarsem Flora, Robert McCann

7.00 Programme:

1. RIBA School Awards

The Branch missed out on nominating for the student Awards last year, as had some of
the other Branches. It was agreed that the CBS Branch will try to avoid this for the
coming year. St. Martins School is the allocated school. Tarsem stated that the award
process normally coincides with the end of year show. Tarsem agreed to be on the
awarding committee with Stefan Black for the coming year. It was discussed that
different members that take an active role in the Branch can be considered for
undertaking this award process in the future years.

2. Christmas social event

The Christmas event to include for partners and spouses will take place at 6.30pm on
Thursday 11th December 2014 at the Crown & Pepper, Croydon. It will be a wine with
buffet event, with a small contribution to be paid. Bernard and Harshad will discuss this
event, and send out an invitation in shortly.
3. Other events already programmed for are:

a. “Design for flooding” by Tarsem, 6.30pm Thursday 27th November
2014 at “Crown & Pepper”.

b. “CDM new opportunities” by James Mather, 6.30pm Thursday 15th
January 2015 at “Crown & Pepper”.

4. Other possible events to be programmed for:

Bernard stated that he has received the following proposals for future events from the
members. It was agreed to provisionally allow for these events, subject to confirmation:

a. “Collateral warranties” possibly 6.30pm Thursday 19th February 2015 at
“Crown & Pepper”. To be discussed with Silke Johen of Bell Associates

b. “Asbestos Awareness” further information required of the event for further
consideration by the committee. To be discussed with Silke Johen of Bell

c. “China presentation” by Peter Goldsmith possibly 6.30pm Thursday
19th March 2015 at “Crown & Pepper”. To be discussed with Peter Goldsmith
of Haskoll China.

d. Jim Groux mentioned that he could look at getting a “Passive House” event
presented by Architype

e. It was also mentioned that that visit to BRE passive houses in Watford could be
organised for May 2015 sometime. Tarsem & Jim agreed to look at this.

5. CBS Architectural Awards:

Paul & Tarsem presented the sub-committee’s report on the future “award” scheme for
the Branch members. A discussion was had with following points considered:

a. Bernard stated that he mentioned the “local architectural awards” project at his
recent Regional meeting, and that they were supportive of the idea. Tarsem confirmed
they are looking at the exhibition of the finalist and shortlisted entries to coincide with
next years “Festival Architecture”, which normally happens around end of June,
beginning of July. RIBA have not yet specified the date as yet.

b. Paul explained that the “CBS Architectural Award”, would be open for practices
that work and have done the projects, with the Croydon, Bromley and Sutton boundaries.

c. Tarsem is still looking at venues for the exhibition, which might be for a two
week period at the “hub” in Bernard Weatherall House, Croydon.

d. Paul explained that the current budget is about £ 3,000 to £4,000. It is hoped
that an application for the RIBA LIF funding can be made for this amount.

e. A vote was had as to whether to charge an entry fee for “award” entries. It was
agreed that a nominal entry fee per entry of £100 should be asked for administration

f. Bernard will make the application to Region for the LIF funding, once further
information and details have been provided by the “award” committee. Bernard
reminded them that the CBS branch accounts will need to be provided prior to making
the application

g. Assessors and judges of the Awards still needs to be agreed, and how the process
will work still needs to be finalised.

h. It was suggested schools should be invited to the exhibition.

i. Sponsors for the Award process and exhibition, will also be looked into by the
“award” committee.

j. Paul mentioned that there are a lot of tasks to be done prior to starting the
“award” process, and they will be looking for volunteers to help. Jim Groux offered to

k. A further “award” committee meeting will be organised to further the process
and report back to the Branch.

8.00 Future dates & venues for CBS branch meetings were agreed as follows:

It was mentioned that any branch member is welcome to attend branch meetings by
giving notice of their attendance.

22nd Jan 2015 – 6pm – abp Chartered Architects, Bromley

26th Mar 2015 – 6pm – Flora Associates, Croydon

28th May 2015 – 6pm – Howard Fairbairn MHK, Croydon

23rd Jul 2015 – 6pm – abp Chartered Architects, Bromley

17th Sep 2015 – 6pm – Flora Associates, Croydon

12th Nov 2015 – 5pm – AGM at Crown & Pepper, Croydon. It was agreed
that the AGM could be coordinated with the Christmas Social


abp Chartered Architects, St Luke’s Church Hall, Raglan Road, Bromley BR2 9NN
email tel: 020 8289 0800

Howard Fairbairn MHK, 439 London Road, Croydon, Surrey CR0 3PF
email tel: 020 8665 5252

Flora Associates, 43 Tamworth Road, Croydon, Surrey CR0 1XU
email tel: 020 8686 6663