RIBA Croydon Bromley Sutton Architectural Awards

The following notes set out the beginnings of a draft Terms of Reference of an RIBA Croydon Sutton Bromley Architectural Award. The notes are of the discussions at the first meeting looking at the scope and nature of the award. These notes will be sent to the Branch committee for further discussion and guidance.


DATE: 30 September 2014

VENUE: Flora Associates

  1. Architectural Awards
    1. Shortlist of 3 -5 projects per Borough
    2. Judges
    3. Local Planning Officers
    4. Borough Officers
    5. Vote by RIBA Members
  2. Architectural Festival
    1. Building Tours
    2. Exhibition at Libraries
    3. Meet Your Architects (Free)
    4. Barbecue (Members)
    5. Talks
  3. Publicity
    1. Press – Local Press
    2. Local Authority
    3. Exhibitions
  4. Date
    1. Friday / Saturday – May / June / July – Yearly.


Present: Paul Ugwu, Robert McCann, Tarsem Flora

  • Architectural Awards:Discussions initially centred on the nature and scope of the architectural awards. There were two approaches considered.


  1. Local Architects Awards
  2. Local Buildings Awards

There is a subtle difference between the two. The first limits the awards to the Architects in RIBA Croydon Sutton & Bromley Area only and who have built works in the area. The second targets buildings in the Croydon Sutton & Bromley but expands the scope of the awards to include architects of these buildings who may be outside of the Croydon Sutton & Bromley Branch membership. There was a debate about these approaches and it was concluded that the awards will be aimed at local architects with local buildings. But a formula would have to be found to include exceptional buildings done in Croydon Sutton & Bromley Boroughs by Architects outside the Local Branch, for instance, the proposed buildings near the East Croydon Station by Fosters may be hard to ignore in the future.

The debate then turned to the terms of the award. Should it be annual or bi-annual? Both are under consideration and will be reviewed later when the full extent of the time and financial commitment required is known.

The discussions then turned to the method of shortlisting projects for the award. It was considered that the best way is to write to the Practices in the 3 Boroughs asking them to enter schemes for the Award. An entrance Fee of say £50.00 will be charged for administration. This notification of request for entries into the awards process will also be sent to the all members of the RIBA CSB branch individually. From the responses received a shortlist of say 5 schemes per borough will be made by a panel. This shortlist will then be put to Judges for the consideration and awards.

Discussions then centred upon the Judges and the shortlisting Panel. A panel will be constituted for shortlisting of projects. Individual members of the panel will then be given a portfolio of projects to assess. These individual members will present the projects to a Judging Panel. The number of Judges is to be considered and decided. The Judges will make the final decision on the Awards.

Discussions then centred on the nature of the award to be presented. It was proposed that a Plaque and Certificate will be awarded to the winner and Certificates will be given to the Second and Third Placed Projects. A draft of the wording for the certificates will need to be made. To make it more interesting, it may be, that consideration is made of using of a sculpted RIBA CSB trophy, cost permitting.

  • Architectural Festival


There was some debate on whether the awards should be expanded to become a local architectural festival. The agreement was that it may be best to conduct the award to coincide with the wider RIBA festival of Architecture which takes place in May / June each year. The Branch, in addition, can offer tours of say the Boroughs’ Town centres as has happened in the past or hold Talks. For further discussion and development will be whether the Architects in the 3 Boroughs will like to carry out a day of “Meet Your Architects Free” consultation by the local residents.

  • Publicity


Local Involvement:

The debate then went on to how best to involve others outside the RIBA CSB membership. The aim of the award is to engage, not only the local architectural membership but to also engage the public and the officers in three Boroughs – Croydon Sutton Bromley.

Local Authorities: –

It was discussed that invitation will be extended to Borough Officers and Planners to enlist their help in the shortlisting and judging of the awards each year. This will help increase the profile of the RIBA CSB Branch within the Boroughs.

Press – The main reward for participation is publicity. The local press will be invited and will be briefed on the awards process, the shortlist and final awards for publicity purposes. Further consideration will be given to TV with Greater London contents.


A two / three week exhibition will be is planned. Depending on cost it can be done in one Borough or partly in each of the three Boroughs. Further investigation of the venues for exhibitions is required. Tarsem Flora will enquire specifically at Croydon library and Robert McCann will enquire in Croydon, Sutton and Bromley. Preference will be for free exhibition in a suitable space like entrances or corridors of Libraries or Theatres, that attract large foot falls traffic by the local people.

Future Actions required:

  1. Compile a list of practices in Croydon Sutton and Bromley
  2. Compose email inviting entry. Practices to pay a token amount eg £50 for entry.
  3. Decision on number of boards required per entry.
  4. Decision on start date of the awards.
  5. Look at possible free venues for exhibitions in Croydon Sutton and Bromley
  6. Shortlist press organisation to be approached
  7. Look at finance and funding for the Awards
  8. Compile list of Borough officers and their contact addresses in Croydon Sutton and Bromley in order to approach them to participate.
  9. Look at cost of the Awards plaque and certificates.
  10. Do we need insurance for exhibitions items?
  • Date – Architectural Awards


The awards should coincide with the wider Architectural festival in May / June.

  • Date of Next Meeting:


Meet briefly on 23 October 2014 before the talk by Jim on Project Management.